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Change Mobile Service Provider without Changing Mobile Number
Published By infoall on 2009-12-23 663 Views

You might not happy with your current mobile service provider but you probably donít like to switch another mobile service provider because you donít want to change your current mobile number. Here is good news for those who are not happy with their current mobile service provider. Now you can change your mobile service provider without changing your mobile number. It means your mobile number belong s to you and not belongs to service provider for your lifetime. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has declared that MNP( Mobile number Portability) will available from 20th September 2009 in selected cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc. and from 20th march 2010 it will be available in all over India. This means you are able to change your mobile service provider without changing mobile number from March 20 2010 all over India. TRAI also declared that there will be small amount of fee for changing your mobile service provider from current service provider to new and the maximum time within two days. You can get details on: http://www.dot.gov.in/as/MNP/AS-1%20Amend.%206-5-2009.pdf Now you are free to choose your desired mobile service provider without changing your mobile number because now there is no hassle in switching from one mobile service provider to another without changing your most valuable, distributed and known mobile number The decision of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is beneficial to consumer because it will increase the quality of service provider and bring down the calling/sms/validity/roaming rents or prices. Department of Telecommunication is already in the process implementing MNP in major metro cities. The Tentative MNP (Mobie Number Portabitlity) is as follows 1)Donít end up with current service provider till bind up with new service provider. 2) Pay any dues of current service provider or do settlement. 3) Contact new desired service provider which will start the process of MNP by contacting your current service provider. 4) Your desired new service provider will contact you at this time keep your mobile details handy like your number, registered name , address, pin etc. 5)After confirmation new service provider will activate their service on your mobile number.
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